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Finally dragged myself away, and just wanted to leave a few first impression thoughts. I love Coo T, it would probably rank as my favourite vn, having played through it at least 3 times I think, so my first impression of YAGS was that it was a bit too similar to it - Jake sounds so much like Brad description-wise, and both the feel and style of writing was really similar.This became less and less prevalent as I continued playing and got to know the characters though.

Adam I like, he seems like a good guy, Dan and James both feel well-defined for what they're supposed to be. The backgrounds are serviceable, though the kiosk for the pizza place is really confusing (as are the boxes for the dinner table) - they overall give enough info to keep tabs on where we are.

While you can pursue different guys, and therefore go down different "paths", the main "story" remains the same, and you will see the same events from different perspectives and get to know different characters better.

That's why I call it a character-driven game: the story as as much about the lives of the people you interact with as it is about your own decisions and experiences.

https://yags-game.I also tweet general status updates, photos, and random thoughts in the development process. Wow, I saw this earlier tonight, and thought I'd download it to give it a try, and ended up spending the rest of the night playing.