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And it was the one that was the least symmetrical of the original group.The summer of my sophomore year, I got a part time job at night cleaning offices in a small office building.The man who hired me said to report to Tammie at seven o'clock sharp.Whereas in the past, it was 2 pixels and in a 100-pixel icon that was not a lot of room to make something really hairy. JY: My personal favorite has a dark-pink clitoral hood, and a really lippy labia. Do you mean that one that — I want to say — is kind of flappy? Something about it actually became sexier to me, or easier to identify. I think it's the one with the purple lips and the orange buzzcut.And it's like a cool moment after drawing so many symmetric orifices to be like, "Oh wow that is true to life; that is very, very sexy." What about you, Katy? Probably because of what we talked about earlier: The color sits somewhere in between reality and icon.