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According to the department’s news release, the phony agent threatened arrest if the man did not pay a purported tax debt immediately. He bought ,300 in i Tunes gift cards and provided the card number on the back.By the time he realized he had been scammed, the money was gone.“Think of those digits on the back of these cards as cash.Giving that code to somebody is like giving them cash.A spokesman said that if someone contacts Apple Support after sending off the gift card code — and the money has not been drained from the card — they can freeze the account and have the money refunded to them.If the money is already gone, Apple advises people to file a complaint with the FTC.

He often cites data showing that consumers spend more when using them versus cash and that the majority of credit card users don’t pay their balance in full each month.

Read More: Phone Fraud Gets Harder as FTC Bans Payment Methods Favored by Crooks The U. Treasury Department recently issued a scam alert saying that callers impersonating IRS employees or pretending to be with the Treasury Department are demanding payments on i Tunes gift cards.

“Any call requesting taxpayers place funds on an i Tunes gift cards or other prepaid cards to pay taxes or fees is an indicator or fraudulent activity!

” the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration cautioned.

Apple is aware of the problem and has posted this warning notice on the gift card section of its website: “i Tunes Gift Cards are solely for the purchase of goods and services on the i Tunes Store and App Store.