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He wrote: 'As I approached my Uber, I noticed there was a passenger in the front seat.

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Many claim the incident is disgusting and said it is another reason not to use Uber.

After the ride-hailing service allegedly offered him a credit, Manuel posted the video online to prompt Uber to appropriately respond to the complaint.

The video, believed to have been filmed on Snapchat, shows an alleged Uber driver looking at a phone's map while a woman in the front seat begins to kiss him.

I think he assumed at that time of night I was too intoxicated to notice what was going on.'The retail worker added that the woman, who he said was 'clearly on drugs' tried to open the moving car's doors a few times before becoming sexual with the driver.

An Uber spokesperson said in an email to the Daily 'The behavior of this former driver is appalling and is not tolerated on the Uber app.