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The 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396 represented the muscle car bloodline.This is one of the few convertibles fitted with the top-drawer version of the 396-cid V-8. On occasion, Detroit comes up with a one-year wonder that strikes a chord with its audience.The early Norwood cars has no X-codes on the trim tag.1969 Camaro production year ran from August 1968 and all the way to November 1969, due to the delayed presentation of the completely new 2nd generation 1970 model.

Power front disc brakes were now part of the package, as were the nonfunctional hood ports previously exclusive to SS 396s.

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Now if you DON'T have that, then you will likely never know what your Camaro originally was.

The trimtag in the engine bay behind the brake booster will provide you with some information and for the 67 models to a certain degree also what engine the car came with originally.