Starcraft 2 updating setup files

I've been told there's a tool that lets you do all of the above, but I feel it's still rather inelegant.

There's also some undocumented registry entries you can play with which may help.

Most of the hacks are actually wrappers - that get between the game and the real ddraw.dll, change something subtle, but let the real do the heavy lifting.

The point of these hacks is to fix small problems, like games that ignore surface pitch, require cleared surfaces or some such.

It was a wrapper project (meaning, again, that they just call the real ddraw.dll), only supported Direct Draw7 and only very small parts of it, but it showed me how to get going.

I also dug up old Direct X SDK:s from my personal CD stack, as Microsoft has helpfully nuked all old Direct Draw documentation off the online MSDN. Some folk have wondered why I didn't just take the ddraw project from wine. There's no real reason it couldn't just use Direct Draw1, considering that all it does is locking the front buffer and dumping a frame to it, along with some palette manipulation. If the game can set a 320x200 mode, it does what I described above.

I even learned the steps to get WC3 to work properly: Naturally the screen resolution and color mode will be 640x480 and 256 colors, but if you've bent backwards that much, you probably don't care all that much.

Seeing that the games use Direct Draw, I decided to roll my own.

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