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A Villain Team Up is almost always for the sole purpose of ganging up on a hero or hero team and finishing them off Villains will almost never team up to rob a bank together, or commit any other crime together.

Usually this is because the typical Rogues Gallery has villains with nothing in common at all, other than hating the hero.

He has covered everything from South Philly mobsters to doomsday hucksters.

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Yolanda also opened up about Drake on Tuesday night — after Cohen pointed out that there are rumors that Bella and the rapper are now an item.

Pond Lehocky is the biggest player in town for workers’ compensation cases, targeting employees who get hurt on the job with TV ads and billboards that seem to loom on every stretch of Philadelphia’s highways.

Pond Lehocky’s top lawyers have also been doing more to get more for themselves, according to an Inquirer and Daily News investigation.

On its website, Pond Lehocky is vague about its relationship to Workers First, saying it is “partnering” with the pharmacy to help clients get the best pharmaceutical care.

Clients who click through to the pharmacy’s website are told: “Focus on your recovery.