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In 1996, Dinah Lance abandoned her fishnets and wig in favor of shorter hair, a dye job and a Kevlar leotard as one-half of the original Birds of Prey team — the brawn to the brain of Oracle (a.k.a. At about the same time, a new monthly Justice Society of America title started, simply called , which also featured Black Canary as a member.Over the next ten years, Black Canary would come to take a more prominent role in The DCU at large.

Most agree that it was in 2003 when Gail Simone took over the writing duties on that Black Canary really began to achieve her full potential as a character.She was still dating Green Arrow, though their difference in ages was reversed, with a 30-something Oliver Queen having started dating a college-age Dinah Lance several years earlier.For most of this period, she was a supporting character in Mike Grell's Mature-Readers following an extended torture session.Dinah Drake was also given further motivation for having chosen the path of the vigilante, having tried and failed to follow in the footsteps of her cop father, thanks to the then rampant sexism and corruption of the Gotham City Police Department.But the greatest changes were reserved for the Dinah Laurel Lance who was now a founding member of the Justice League of America and whose sonic super powers were now the result a mutation — a third vocal cord.