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Bigger clients do need more weight so sometimes this can be an advantage but you still have to build some "Ashiatsu muscles" to perform well and with safety. You need a one set of bars built and ready to go for every two students participating. Potential students should know that my classes are progressive and holistic and so am I!

My skin feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom afterwards and I’ve never had a rash, though the hair does grow back quickly.’‘Waxing and threading were excruciating; electrolysis was time-consuming and expensive; my hair is too fair for laser to be effective; and everything else caused redness so I couldn’t go out straight afterwards.’ The razor stays at a 45-degree angle to my skin and I have to use a lighter touch than with shaving my legs.

You will learn contraindications for Ashiatsu and how to stay safe with this powerful modality of massage.

You will know and understand minimal draping and how to introduce it to your clients.

I recommend Earthlite, Stronglite or Oakworks tables. This list can be provided to those serious about my coming to them. Students and clients can wear underwear or go nude. I’m vegan, live in the most progressive town in the world, and I have over 1100 natural healing videos on Youtube.

If nude, the sheet is replaced with a rolled up hand towel when face down. I desire to attract students that are open to my holistic mindset and lifestyle. I want only friendly, happy students that desire to get MORE than continuing education credits.