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As it would be impossible to describe all Indonesian cultures here we therefore present a list of general features that seem to be shared in most regions of Indonesia. The Importance of Learning and Using Indonesian () Only a relatively tiny proportion of the Indonesian people are able to speak non-Indonesian languages such as English.

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Of course no one will expect you to immediately understand or behave like an Indonesian but as Indonesians are not likely to correct foreigners about wrong behavioural patterns (as this is considered to break down the much-wanted social harmony), it will be wise to take some time in order to gain insight into the Indonesian culture(s) and start to think and become a little bit more 'Indonesian'.

This particularly applies to those foreigners who can already speak the language rather fluently and are thus expected to use this language in a culturally correct manner. The Hierarchical Society of Indonesia Hierarchy is very important in Indonesian society and people's status should be respected at all times.

However, for beginners sociolinguistic mistakes are acceptable (and an Indonesian will know whether you are a beginner or advanced speaker within a couple of seconds). Status is mainly based on a person's age and (job) position. First of all through correct language usage (as was mentioned in 1).

It is highly recommended to join such activities - instead of being individualistic - in order to develop and maintain good social relations.

Long and good discussions are necessary for a friendship to develop.