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This could be accomplished by continental margin subduction, microcontinent subduction, sediment subduction, intracontinental subduction, subduction erosion, or foundering of a crustal root.

After burial at depth, these continental rocks can then return to the surface through: eduction - the process where a slab of continental crust is subducted due to being attached to an denser subducting oceanic plate, and at some point, the downward slab pull force exceeds the strength of the slab, thus causing necking to occur, and the positive buoyancy of the continental slab leads to its exhumation.

Located along the western sector of the BNS in central Tibet, the Gertse area contains two main isolated occurrences of ophiolitic outcrops – the Dong Tso and Lagkor Tso.

The Bangong-Nujiang suture, in particular, features extensive high pressure terranes throughout much of its length.There are multiple processes that can lead to the development of high pressure terranes.First, upper crustal rocks have to be carried to great depths, nearing the mantle boundary.can have such high elevations has perplexed geologists for some time.It is known that significant tectonic activity took place before the Indo-Asian collision as terranes were being accreted onto the Eurasian plate during the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous, but the extent of deformation and the influence these earlier tectonic events had on the subsequent evolution of the Tibetan Plateau is poorly understood.