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Long, pink clouds, like giant rainbow trout, suddenly appear in the water. We'll meet on the far side, just north of the Diamond.

Except everything's upside down, a surreal reflection as if we're looking at the other side of life. His wife was pregnant and my wife was pregnant and Mike and I were in Africa hoping to pull off one last big expedition before life changed for good. The water is so cold it would instantly paralyze anyone but him. I grab his pack and begin hopping boulder to boulder through the snowfield. It's getting light now and the air is a cool violet. In high school here in Wyoming he was a state-champion swimmer. When he comes out of the water, he's so frozen his skin is a waxy, translucent blue and his movements are jerky.

Watch it unfold through tweets and read the transcripts as they’re posted. Do not give Donald Trump the respect of your eyes and ears in real time. Treat yoself and get out of the damn house instead. Stay inside and play Candy Crush or whatever.) If you really wanna know what’s happening, Riese & Erin will be liveblogging it for you on Autostraddle, which is all you need. Let your lawmakers know that you plan to watch them and hold them accountable. Flip someone off when they stop short before the crosswalk.

You won’t even have time to think about Donald Trump’s inauguration when you’re ladling soup into a bowl, cleaning up trash on the side of the road, picking up phones for a hot line, and turning yourself into a human shield outside of an abortion clinic.

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Rent a Meryl Streep movie at the woman-owned video store.

He stuffs his socks into his boots and plugs them, along with his shirt and trousers, inside his backpack.

Then he stands there naked, stroking his short red beard, contemplating the still, black water.

(Here are some of my recommendations.) Or, spend the day on Twitter reading threads about his inner circle and his horrific vision for this country to prep for your next big move. Post something about the allegations that he’s a serial rapist. Post something about his work to steadily destroy the republic. To contact your professor privately, email carmen at autostraddle dot com. , Managing Editor at Argot, a Contributor at Everyday Feminism, and Co-Host of The Bossy Show.

Or, spend the day reading about his conflicts of interest and the potential that he is a legitimately illegitimate president so that you become prepared to tell everyone you know that information as quickly and concisely as possible every day for the next four years. Post something about his inability to grasp the job. She previously served as Straddleverse Director, Feminism Editor, and Social Media Co-Director at Autostraddle.