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A rough cut of the film -- Pursuit of Justice -- is being shown to a focus group to get feedback that will assist Byers in the final editing process.The film, which is about 34 minutes in length, was shot on locations in California (Los Angeles, Lancaster, Joshua Tree, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco) and in Washington (Seattle and Olympia) as well as in Maryland and Washington D. It highlights injustices to several individuals, as well as to a large class of people with cognitive and communication disabilities who are involuntarily required to participate in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings.The impairment of a major bodily function is also classified as a disability.Protected disabilities include: Individuals who are perceived as having a disability are also protected by discrimination laws, even if the perception is incorrect.California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protect employees with disabilities.Employees are considered disabled if their physical or mental conditions limit their ability to work or to perform other major life activities.Employers are not necessarily required to provide the requested accommodation, but they must provide some kind of reasonable accommodation if one is available.An employer cannot retaliate against an employee who requests an accommodation.

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An accommodation is a modification of the job or work environment, including a leave of absence, that gives the disabled employee a fair opportunity to perform the job successfully.Under the ADA, a person is entitled to have assistance in participating in his or her case.But, of course, in the case of assisted testimony the communication must be coming from the witness and not the person doing the assisting. Coleman, legal director of Spectrum Institute, is in Seattle today along with Greg Byers, a filmmaker who is producing a documentary on the guardianship reform activities over the last few years of Coleman and a small but growing network of advocates.They would need an attorney to ensure meaningful participation in their cases -- a requirement of the ADA.One of the participants on this panel, John Pollock, will distribute our Due Process Plus brochure explaining the ADA requirements for court-appointed counsel in guardianship proceedings.